How To Register A Drone FAA

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Many people like to fly a drone. A drone is a very advance and useful invention. You can use a drone for many works. You can capture videos in different angles. Fly your drone in events and take a picture on sky view. It will capture videos in 360 views. Drone is useful but some people use this for creating problems and many other issues. Bad people capture illegal videos using a drone and create problems that’s are why FAA issues a new rule for drone users. You cannot fly your drone without registration and complete permit.

register a drone FAA

Drone registration method is simple and easy. You can register your drone online or go to FAA office. You need 5 dollars because its fee for registration. FAA issues you a sticker or notice that’s will you display in your drone and then you are able to fly a drone. This rule applies every person who wants to fly a drone. If you want to fly drone so you need to able to fly a drone. FAA issues that owner must 13 years old or older. If you are 10 years or 8 years old so you cannot able to fly a drone. It will need your full name your address and some more information to registration drone.

Many accidents happened through drones so it is good rule to stop accidents. Drone registration is the last date issued by FAA is 16 FEB so if you have already Drone so quickly register your drone before fly. If you want to purchase a new drone so register your drone before flying first flight. Good news is if you register your drone before first 3 months so you its registration is free. FAA also issue that at once you register your drone then you will fly your drone for 3 years. Registration is expired after 3 years and after 3 years you need to registration again.

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