Register Your Drone Before February 19, 2016

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FFA announced the official new rule for drones in the United States. Every drone need to register and then fly. If you already have drone so, you need to register before February 19, 2016. This rule is important for every person. You cannot fly your drone without registration. Registration applies to a wide range of drones size between 50lbs to 60lbs. Registration cost is only 5 bucks. This rule officially applies on 21 December if you have already drone so, you need to register before 19 February. If you buy new drone after 21 December so you need to register.


How To Register A Drone FAA

The good news is that if anyone registers in first 30 days I mean 20th January so it’s totally free. No need to pay. This rule is applied to any type of drone. 19 February is the deadline. You also register your drone only. You need to enter some simple information like name, address, size and others. The FAA issues you the certificate of aircraft registration and proof of ownership.

The FAA is also issuing you an id number that you display on your drone. FAA decides that 5 dollars are necessary for 3-year registration.

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