ChinaFest! Year of the Fire Monkey

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Chinese celebrate the year of fire monkey with a lot of fun and enjoy. The whole families come together and celebrate the year. Chinese make 8 to 9 different food dishes because they thought that 8 mean good luck and they consider no 9 as happiness. All family members come and play different games.

After one day of start, New Year Chinese clean his home completely. Because they thought that turn away every evil sprite and bad luck of the previous year is removed and starts his new year with good luck. The Elders also give money to children’s or new marriage couples in a red envelope. Also share different gifts and many more things.

Year of the Fire Monkey

China fest year of the monkey fire is famous in the world. The Chinese enjoy this event in large scale and also give good wishes to others. This event is very important for Chinese. Kids wait for this event every year and make much fun.

ChinaFest! Event Schedule
Feb 13, 2016 | 11 am–3 pm


The Pride: Lion Dance at UVA performs Lion Dance
Leslie Cheek Theater, Level L | 11:30–11:45 am and 2:15–2:30 pm

Performers collaborate inside a lion costume to mimic the movements and characteristics of the animal to the sounds of vigorous drumming.

Yu Dance Arts performs Colorful China
Leslie Cheek Theater, Level L | 11:50 am–12:05 pm and 2:35–2:50 pm
Immediately following Lion Dance performance

Yu Dance Arts is a Richmond-based youth dance group directed by Yu Xiao that creates and produces intercultural performances combining traditional Chinese dances with modern Western aesthetics.

Galapagos Puppets performs Monkey King Meets the Banana Princess
Reynolds Lecture Hall, Level LL | 12:15–1:05 pm and 2–2:50 pm


Chinese Knot Tying and Monkey Masks presented by George Mason University, Confucius Institute | Conference Room 1, Level L

Chinese Calligraphy presented by College of William and Mary, Confucius Institute | Atrium, Level 1

Visit the VMFA East Asian Art Galleries | Level 2


Red Ribbon Dance Instrument | Marble Hall, Level 2
Get moving with a red ribbon dance instrument!

Peking Opera Mask | Marble Hall, Level 2
Design your own Peking Opera mask

Lion Puppet | WestRock Art Education Center, Level 1
Make a lion puppet inspired by the traditional Chinese Lion Dance

Lantern Making | Atrium, Level 1
Celebrate the Lunar New Year with a hand-crafted decoupage lantern

Scrolls | WestRock Art Education Center, Level 1
Create and paint a Chinese scroll

Zodiac Animal Face Painting | Marble Hall, Level 2
Get your face painted with your favorite Chinese zodiac animal

Play and Construct! | Marble Hall, Level 2
Use oversize tangram shapes to create patterns and designs, and construct the Great Wall of China using cardboard building blocks. Experiment with Chinese instruments including erhu, guqin, and yunlou. Mengxia Zhang will demonstrate the pipa, and John Xu will demonstrate the erhu.

Community Dragon Puppet | Atrium, Level 1
Help decorate a large dragon puppet, and watch it parade through the Atrium at 2:45

Selfie Setup | Atrium, Level 1
Step into a Chinese watercolor and strike a pose with some of your art activities


Chinese Animated Children’s Films | WestRock Art Education Center, Level 1

Lon Po Po (English) | 11–11:30 am

Snow Kid (English subtitles) | 11:35–11:55 am

Three Monks (no dialogue) | noon–12:20 pm

Feelings from Mountain and Water (English subtitles) | 12:25–12:45 pm

Tadpoles Looking for the Mother (English subtitles) | 12:50–1:10 pm

The Little Nightingale (English) | 1:25–1:55 pm

The Cowboy’s Flute (English subtitles) | 2–2:25 pm

A Deer of Nine Colors (English subtitles) | 2:30–3 pm

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